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Advanced Search

Narrow down search results for complex searches by using the Advanced Search page. For example, you can find sites updated in the last 24 hours or images that are in black and white.

Do an Advanced Search

  1. Go to the Advanced Search page.
  2. In the “Find pages with” section, enter your search terms.
  3. In the “Then narrow your results by” section, choose the filters you want to use. You can use one or more filters.
  4. Click Advanced Search.

Tip: You can also use many of these filters in the search box with search operators.

Advanced Search filters you can use

  • Language
  • Region
  • Last updated date
  • Site or domain
  • Where the search terms appear on the page
  • SafeSearch
  • Reading level
  • File type
  • Usage rights (find pages that you have permission to use)
  • Size
  • Aspect ratio
  • Color
  • Type (face, animated, etc.)
  • Site or domain
  • Filetype
  • SafeSearch
  • Usage rights (find images that you have permission to use)