Three Letter File Naming List

 Click here to explain 3 Letter ID Naming Convention.

Below is a table of 3 Letter ID’s that I have developed over time. See the above link for explanation of how to use it. If you wish to add a 3 letter ID to the list below, Contact me, Dave Brown, and I can add it to the list ibelow. You can contact me:

3LtrIDReference to:Type
BNSBoots And Slippers SearchClub
BJSBootJack Stompers, Mariposa SearchClub
CTRCalaveras Twirlers SearchClub
CVTCalivaras TwirlersClub
OKSOakdale Squares SearchClub
PSTPear Steppers SearchClub
RWRRockin' W Rounders SearchClub
RBNRound Robins Club SearchClub
SEQSequoia Squares, Tulare SearchClub
SSFSingle Skirts and FlirtsClub
TSPTurlock Step N Pards SearchClub
THTTwain Harte TwirlersClub
BKFBakersfield SearchSQD
BDNBarn Dance (See ONS)SQD
SQBBeginner SQD ProspectsSQD
CNVConvention SearchFST
CRZCruise SearchSQD
DMODemo square dancesSQD
FSTFestival SearchFST
NONNo Dance Activity, but in support of Square Dancing.SQD
ONSOne Night Stand (See Barn Dance)SQD
SQDSquare danceSQD
SQPSquare dance patterSQD
SQSSquare dance sing callsSQD
STTState Square DanceFST
DNPDave and Pam (Dave took pics)ZTR
DTBDavid T BrownZTR
DNSDennis FonesZTR
JOHJoanne HarteZTR
LGRLeGrand DMO-Teach Grade Sch SQDZTR
PNDPam and Dave (Pam took pics)ZTR
PAMPam PimentelZTR
PMPPam PimentelZTR
SLVSilva - Ralph & NancyZTR
PIQSlated for picturesZTR
VDOI include this in the description of the filename to indicate a Video FileZTR