Mainstream Videos

Mainstream Videos

Introduction to Mainstream by Larry Kraber

Touch a Quarter, Scoot Back, Flutter Wheel, Reverse Flutter Wheel

Do Paso, Thar, Allemande Thar, Slip the Clutch, Shoot the Star, Wrong Way Thar

Spin the Top, Alamo Style Wave, Wave Balance, Circulates (Column, Box, Split, 1 1/2), Chain Down the Line, Sweep a Quarter

Cross Run, Left Swing Thru, Single Hinge, Separate, Trade By, Wheel & Deal (Lines of 4)

Couples Trade, Couples Hinge, Folds, Cross Fold, Centers In/Out, Split the Outside Couple, Double Pass Thru, Cloverleaf

Left Square Thru, Cast Off 3/4, Walk & Dodge, Pass to the Center, Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave

Tag the Line, Half Tag the Line, Recycle, 8 Chain 4/Thru, Spin Chain Thru