Plus Videos

Plus Videos

Introduction to Plus Level Dancing by Larry Kraber

Fan the Top, Acey Deucey, Tea Cup Chain, Ping Pong Circulate

Grand Swing Thru, Diamond Circulate (Normal/Facing), Cut the Diamond, Flip the Diamond

Load the Boat, Peel Off, Linear Cycle, (Anything) and Spread

Coordinate, Cross Fire, (Anything) and Roll

Track II, Single Circle to an Ocean Wave, Spin Chain the Gears

Trade the Wave, Relay the Deucey

Explode the Wave, Explode (& Anything), Follow Your Neighbor (& Spread)

Chase Right, Spin Chain & Exchange the Gears, 3/4 Tag the Line

Peel the Top, All 8 Spin the Top, Dixie Grand

Putting It All Together ... Larry Kraber Calls for the Saddlebrooke Squares using many of the calls in these lessons.