Sound Effects for Square Dance Calls


All 8 Circulate – “All-8, all-8”
Allemande Left – Clap hands
Bend the Line – “Get Bent!”
Chain Down the Line – “Chain me down, chain me down!”
Couples Circulate – “Circles Copulate”
Dive Thru – “Dive, dive”
– “A-oo-ga” (submarine diving noise)
Double Pass Thru – “DPT!”
Ferris Wheel – “Wheeee”
– End turns center under arm during turn
Flutterwheel – “Whoop, whoop, whoop”
Ladies Chain – (at C1 & above) Balance and whoop in the center,
and eliminate Courtesy Turn
Ladies In, Men Sashay – Ladies whoop it up
Move Up to the Middle and Back
– “Moooo”
Pass the Ocean – “Splash!”
– Clap hands
Promenade Halfway – Inactives do a Highland Fling Do Si Do
– Inactives do a ballroom dance turn
– Inactives make circle, do 2 hip bumps with opposite
Reverse the Flutter – “Pow, pow, pow”
– “Leehw Rettulf”
Right and Left Grand – Balance and slap L hands when meeting someone with
the R hand
Right and Left Thru – “Thank you”
– “Thank you” then “You’re welcome”
– (as a sequence opener at Challenge) “We can do that”
Shoot the Star – “Bang!”
Square Thru – (as a sequence opener, done by heads or sides)
Inactives do 2 California Twirls
Stars (during singing call figures (not breaks))
– “Aaaaughhh!!!!!!” (scream of despair)
Sweep 1/4 – Sweep the floor with free hand
Swing Thru – “Schwing!”
Touch 1/4 – Touch forehead with free hand
– Touch forehead and say “Doh!” a la Homer Simpson
Trade By – “Bye!” (wave goodbye as you pass or trade)
U-Turn Back – “Baaa”
Veer to the Left/Right – “Vera!”
Wheel and Deal – “Wheeling” then “Dealing”
– “…and squeal”


Centers Cross Run – “Mee…” (see Mix)
Cloverleaf – Spread arms, act like a child playing airplane
Dixie Style to a Wave – “Hi, Dixie!”
– “Ditsy style”
Eight Chain Thru – “Bor-ring!”
Fan the Top – “With a big left hand”
– (from LH waves) “With a big wrong hand”
– Fan yourself with the outside hand
Hinge – “Creak”/make creaking noise
Scoot Back – Scooters grunt
– Scooters squeal if girls
– Non-scooters say “Go Girl!” if girls scooting
Slide Thru – “Whoosh” while gracefully sliding arms out
to the sides
Spin the Top – “Spin the Top”
– “Spin the Top” then “He’s no top” (and on, and on…)
– “189”
– (from LH waves) “981”
Tag the Line – (Trailer taps leader on shoulder) “You’re it!”


Acey Deucey – “Quack” (also if cued)
<anything> and Spread – “The higher priced spread”
– “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”
Chase Right – “Chase me, chase me!”
– “I’m chased”
Coordinate – “Your shoes don’t match your bag!”
Crossfire – Machine gun noises
Cut the Diamond – “Hai-ahhh!”
– “Hiya!”
Diamond Circulate – Clap hands
Dixie Grand – “Right! Left! Right!”
– “Right! Wrong! Right!”
Explode <anything> – “Boom!”
Flip the Diamond – Flip hands up to shoulders, squeal
Follow Your Neighbor – “Hi, neighbor!”
– “Shazam!”
Grand Swing Thru – “Ain’t it grand?”
– Make “Tarzan swinging through trees” sound
Linear Cycle – “Hinge, fold, pass [or follow], peel”
– “Hinge, hold, pass, feel”
– “Hinge, fold, cop a feel”
– “Blah, blah, blah, blah”
– “Hinge, fold, Mister Popeil”
Load the Boat – “Toot, toot”/”Whoo, whoo”
– Make a tugboat whistle sound
Partner Tag – Snap fingers
Peel Off – “Rice!”
Peel the Top – (from a Z) “What a surprise!”
Ping Pong Circulate – Clap hands
Relay the Deucey – “Girl on, boy off, girl on, boy off” (regardless
of the initial position)
– “Hey, Lucy!” in a Desi Arnaz voice
Remake the Thar – “Quarter! Half! Three-quarters!”
Teacup Chain – Morose grumbling
– Wild cheering
Track Two – “Track, track”
– “Toot, toot”/”Whoo, whoo”
– “Track, track, whoopee, whoopee”
– “Toot, toot, whoopee, whoopee”
Trade and Roll – “Troll”
Trade the Wave – (at Advanced and above) “Wave”
Triple Scoot – “Rooty-toot-toot!”
(when first getting into a diamond for the first time of the night)
– “I see it!”