Picture Naming Convention

From the Flickr link below, and from the pictures that came up on that link, I have no idea what or where the pics came from other than the commentary on that link.
Here’s the difference.
You will notice that some of the pictures are named from the camera. ie: “P1460645”. The only thing I can possibly decipher is that “P” might be “Panisonic” meaning maybe the camera brand used for the picture.
You will notice that a few of the pictures evidently came from me, and that the file name pretty much explains who, what, when and where (or at the very least can be researched) in a very short space.
“THT-2018-0907 That 70’s Dance” is broken down as THT=”Twainhart Twirlers”. 2018-0907 is the date in a direct computer name searchable format. I use “THT” as a 3 letter ID. Date second with the Year first with no dash between month and day to help keep the date as short as possible. Then a brief explain or title as it were to help ID the event. hence, a code for the filenames.
I use 3 letter ID’s on everything I do in my computer and phone. (there is good reason to use 3 letter ID’s)
I taught Dennis to do this, and even with all of the pics he uploaded, you can search some event. Without it… complete chaos, the pics were “Lost” the instant they were uploaded”
On my personal Flickr account, I setup albums to make it even easier.
(see CNCWoodWizard.com and notice the albums used on a web site)
If this is of interest to anyone, I can sit down with that someone and explain the convention, so that we may standardize how to label and search pictures in the future. Otherwise… dead pictures that show up on only once in the history of things.
Dave B

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