The “Allemande Left” Reward

The “Allemande Left” Reward

By Dave Brown

As humans beings, we take great satisfaction in モReaping the Rewardヤ. Rewards are not necessarily monetary as rewards come in many forms. As an example, a child having done a good job tying his/her shoe, gets a hug as a reward for a job well done.

Many people seek to be better than they currently are. There are always a few people who are trying to achieve a perfection that simply is not p

ossible ie: perfect execution of all square dance calls. But… for

most, the perfection is more in the sociability of the process we call Square Dancing.

Perfection really needs to be defined by each individual to satisfy their own personal needs. I would call these personal goals. Personal goals are what set the tone and level of perfection for each person. Goals by each individual determines at what level one is satisfied to achieve.

We are human… At least, the last time I checked, therefore we are not perfect. Some people may aspire above the Plus program level and even achieve a personal proficiency in their given level, whatever that might be.

What I find interesting, is the モcurrencyヤ we use for a “job well done”. This is found at all levels of Square Dancing from beginner to the C levels of advanced.

As a beginner, we learn quickly, that by getting to the “Allemande left”, we have accomplished what we set out to do. At least for that brief minute or two from モSquared upヤ to the モPromenade Homeヤ call.

The “allemande left” means, that no matter the level you dance at, you had a “success” when you arrive at the モAllemande Leftヤ with few mistakes, with the teamwork of 7 other people. With many small success’s during the entire session, you can leave for home knowing the entire afternoon/evening was a great personal success. [with a sense of success by sharing Square Dance synergy with 7 other people]

On a shared ride home with some friends, (even the carpool is a social gathering) a good friend of mine related that she was proud of herself for getting through the entire dance by not personally contributing to any mistakes for the afternoon Sunday dance. (モwell maybe a little one, or twoヤ She admitted) I noticed in her smile a sense of pride and satisfaction. I had to smile, thinking to myself, that she probably achieved all of her モAllemande Leftsヤ or モRewardsヤ even though there might have been some mistakes by her or others during each tip of the afternoon. What a great feeling of pride and accomplishment… for all of us!

Sooo… as you approach what appears to be the corner and the eminent “Allemande Left” at your next square dance, reflect on the above thoughts and collect your just モRewardヤ. モFeel itヤ, as you head into a right and left grand with that sense, of a job well done!


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